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Gaskets made from Rubber and Silicone

Used as flange seals, seal covers, washer seals etc. to provide a low surface pressure seal and compensate for uneven surfaces. Depending on the material, elastomer gaskets may satisfy a number of industry and authority regulated approvals and standards.

Gaskets made from Cork Rubber

Cork Rubber is cork granules bound with a polymer. Are used at pressures up to 5 bar and in which a small surface pressure is required. When using a cork, a lower extrusion from the compression is obtained than using, for example, pure rubber. Used as gasket in doors, hatches and manholes, in valves, transformers, actuators, gearboxes and carburettors, in the sight glasses, etc.

Gaskets made from Foam Plastic

Foam plastics excels as a flexible and relatively soft material that is available in many densities.

PTFE is a relatively hard material with a very low friction coefficiency, a wide range of use temperatures and high chemical resistance in relation to normal elastomers.

Gaskets made from Fibre-based materials

Static seals made of fibre-based materials.

Gaskets made from Graphite

Static seals based on mineral material types: graphite, vermiculite and mica.

Gaskets made from Metal or Semimetals

Static seals made from metal or material combinations with metal content.

Gaskets made from PTFE

PTFE is principally used as a gasket material because of its capability to remain unaffected by the majority of chemicals used in industry. In most cases, it is also classified as a food grade material, making it acceptable to both medical and food production industries. There are more types of PTFE gasket materials; among others is Virgin PTFE and filled PTFE.

Gaskets made from Mica and Vermiculite

Static seals based on Mica and Vermiculite minerals.

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